Roadmap to Careers in Public Lands

Today we had the honor of meeting Greg and Hannah from the Historic Preservation Crew. Greg was our main presenter; he was very witty and down to earth. He gave a presentation on countless opportunities that are in the public lands fields. 

The presentation was filled with many games and eye opening opportunities. What opportunity that stuck out to me was you could go to another state, stay there and work. Leaving Massachusetts is one thing I would really like to do in my life. I find it interesting that the National Park Service offers that and there are plenty of different things that you could do in the public lands field.

 Greg brought it to my attention and I’m very appreciative of that. He showed us a lot of different things that were relevant and opened my eyes. I also liked the games that we played because they were very relevant and super fun to play.  Networking is a big part of getting out there and picking out your future. I think if you don’t network you won’t find as many opportunities as you could.

 I think that’s exactly what Greg was trying to tell us that the world is basically a system and we all need to pay attention and follow along. He showed us a slide where it mentioned the importance of being yourself and finding what is best for YOU. It’s really all about tailoring your needs.

 Many young people don’t know what they want in life – as of right now it’s okay. I think one thing that I will always remember that Greg taught me was to always follow what you want to do and to reach out if you need help and most importantly network because it can get you a lot of places and if you don’t you may lose out on a lot more opportunities.

Overall, the whole presentation was very intriguing and helpful.

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