Today all the fellows met with positive energy and a lovely guest Celena Illuzi, who works with the parks and is an advocate for the young people and a big supporter for the people in the parks. We did an activity where we were told to share an object with the group. My object was my airpods and that signifies my love for music with no hassle. One of the other objects that stood out to me was brought in by Kristina. She brought in a blue striped zebra with a green belly and hooves. What was surprising was it was a puzzle and I’ve never seen something like that so it really sparked my attention. I’m very grateful that she shared that with us all. 

Later we were introduced to Cultural resources management which focused on three main sectors Resources from Today, The Great Stink and Native Voices Project. Each one having a great significance to an essential question we were previously given. How do the environment and human health relate to each other? What role can public lands play in public health? We then discussed the importance of someone else’s object. We were given questions that really made us think and put ourselves in the other person’s shoes that picked that object. I think it was very interesting and definitely learning experience for many because it made us relate to the person and for me I really enjoyed it. 

We closed our meeting with a thorough self-reflection on what the objects mean to us and why we picked them. We all shared our ideas. Overall it was a good experience to have and I appreciated all the knowledge that was given. I feel like today’s activities really brought us all together as a whole and really made us think about each other’s personalities and deeper understanding of one another. I think that’s a good thing to learn in the real world because a lot of people these days don’t really pay attention to other people’s feelings and I feel like this really brought out a lot of emotions. 

Everyone was honest and open and I appreciate that. Because I know sometimes it’s really hard for people to do that. I think it was really interesting to hear one of my fellows Chalina talking about her object. Which was a canvas picture of SpongeBob and Patrick in what seemed to be a paradise. It was nice to hear her talk about the difference between SpongeBob and Patrick and how sometimes she feels like one of the others. I think that was a good comparison to bring up. I really appreciated her response and thought it was really funny that she picked that. I haven’t heard about SpongeBob and Patrick in a while. It was nice to hear also because it made me feel a bit better about the whole situation that we’re going through right now with the whole coronavirus and it was just really nice to hear.

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