Introduction to Landscape Design and Architecture

Amalia & YiYing

On our first day learning about Landscape Design we took a trip to the Olmsted National Park site in Brookline. We learned about Frederick Law Olmsted’s life and how he created his designs through a tour around the house and property. After seeing how the blueprints were created we were able to make our own 3D model of a park in teams of 2-3. We were given some guidelines, for example it might need a basketball court, a pond or lots of trees. Then we used our own creativity to create it. At the end we put our models together to form one big park that connected each little park (which greatly amazed everyone). In Charlestown Navy Yard, we visited almost all the buildings there, learning their history and how their functions changed over time. We learned how to use an architecture scale and particle measurement and do our own designs.