So today was kind of unusual, Jen was not able to attend the meeting and we started off with a warm up while I was trying to fix my computer audio. We played this game where we had to list a fruit in alphabetical order that we would bring to the picnic or cookout, and then after that we would have to list everyone that went before you while you add onto it. After that we checked in with each other with one word that describes how we feel this week. We discussed the ideas that we had from Thursday. Destiny started off the discussion with her thoughts on subtitles that should be added in Josh’s websites. Then, Nouradine brought in his view on how the websites could be more helpful and improved. Henry brought up a great point that we should help post about these National Parks because they still exist. As the discussion carried along we all put our ideas together that will help Josh make the park websites even better. We want everyone to feel involved with the National Parks because we are the future of these parks. After the discussion we started to discuss our final projects, and Kristina gave us an overview of other things if we are interested in learning more. 

As a group we discussed what we are looking forward to since we are halfway through our program. As we broke apart into pairs we helped each other create questions for our final projects. It was kind of hard because for some of us our interest could’ve been everywhere. When we came back as a group we shared our ideas and gave our opinions on each other’s questions. During our discussion a special guest joined, Ranger Cathy. As a group we went around and introduced ourselves with our names and the most amazing thing we did today. After this we discussed if we have ever created or seen virtual reality headsets. It seems really cool right now and we are all interested in making our own VR sets. We received the instructions and a list of what we need in order for us to build our own set. Right now I am actually really excited because it’s something different and new for us to be doing during a work call.  

After Ranger Cathy said goodbye, we all said goodbye to one another to go look for all of the necessary materials that we need in order to make the VR set as successful as it could be. Personally, I liked today’s meeting because it was more about us today and a lot of engaging in conversations with each other in order to make the group call a success. Overall, we have started the major discussion that we need, and that is what we are going to be doing for our final projects.

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