Week 6 – Closing Week at CNY

Campers and staff play water games on the Commodant's Lawn.
Campers raise their right hands as they recite the Junior Ranger pledge led by a youth employee.

For our last week of Hill to Harbor Discovery Camps, we returned to the Charlestown Navy Yard. This week flew by so quick, but we made such great memories this summer! One of our main goals this summer was to get the campers to answer the essential question “What can people and parks do for one another?” 

We started off the week by packing everything we needed because we had some really fun activities planned for the campers. Each day began with our opening circle so we could all get on the same level, and we played a game called “Buddy Bison Are You There?” Afterwards we played a couple water games and relay races since it was such a sunny week and we didn’t want the kids to get too hot. It was a blast! Everyone ended up having so much fun, especially the staff!  

Later campers switched to the “rope making station” where they could choose from three activities: creating their own rope, making bracelets, or a game called monkey ball. The kids were engaged in the activities and made some really cool bracelets. They really loved monkey ball; it was by far the favorite! Monkey ball is a bit of a challenging game and the campers turned it into a competition to see who can pull the hula hoop to them first. 

After lunch the kids completed their final journaling, so they could get their first two surprises. Campers wrote letters to anyone they chose about the field trips they’ve been on throughout the summer. After they completed their letter they received a Division of Marine Fisheries colouring book and an official Passport to Your National Parks that they could stamp anytime they visited a national park. 

Finally, it was time for the biggest surprise. All summer long we have been documenting the trips through photos. Campers got to watch the slideshows we created for the YMCAs to recapture the summer and all the cool field trips we went on this summer. After the slideshows it was time for them to become Junior Rangers! They each received a badge after completing the Junior Ranger pledge. We ended off the day with one final surprise by giving every camper a buddy bison. They were so happy with how the day went!  After all the field trips we took the campers on some were finally able to answer the essential question and their responses were amazing.

“I’m so sad this is our last time seeing you. This was the best summer ever!” – a YMCA Camper

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