Public Lands and Career Exploration (PLACE) Fellowship

The Public Lands and Career Exploration (PLACE) Fellowship empowers fellows with the skills and knowledge to successfully find and pursue careers that excite them, and fellows’ feedback is used to revise the program. This school year participants will build a more complete understanding of career opportunities by exploring a range of regional parks and programs, learning important professional skills, and building valuable connections with park staff. Students who complete the fellowship receive a monetary award for the input they provide to the partnered organizations.

You are eligible if you are...

  • 15-18 years old for the duration of the program 
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Local to the Boston area
  • Enjoy being a part of a team
  • Curious about what the National Park Service and its partners do
PLACE Fellowship logo features the silhouette of a forest in mirror reflection of a cityscape with the program title between them

"This program has helped me realize that I have infinite job opportunities. I can choose and have a job at my age that I enjoy. I shouldn’t settle just because I get money, but work harder to find a job that I’d love - because it’s out there and I deserve it!" - Ariel, 18

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How to Apply

For this program, you will not need to submit a resume.  Instead, be prepared to discuss your experience and interests in short answers.