Skye Griffith

Providing Feedback

In the PLACE Fellowship we have discussed different careers and explored history within these careers that we talked about. During our 2-hour session we first

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Nouradine Sheck

Remote PLACE

Today was the inception of the PLACE fellowship program for the National Parks of Boston. As with any beginning, meeting new people follows and for

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Spring 2019 PLACE Fellows and Leads admiring the ocean from a cliff in Acadia
Jane Larrabee

Acadia National Park

On the first day we met at the Marine Barracks and got new PLACE water bottles and purple sweatshirts. Once everyone arrived we packed the

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Spring 2019 PLACE Fellows taking notes at National Parks of Boston headquarters
Nkemdilim Okoli

Office Day

On April 20th, due to weather we were not able to go to Boston Harbor Island National and State Park, so we went to the

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Photo of 2019 PLACE Fellows with a NPS Ranger at the African Meeting House
Nelissa Timothee

National Parks of Boston

On the trip, we met different people who work in the National Parks of Boston. And learn a lot about the meaning of National Park

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